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Report:Status of Chinese hardware companies

First, the status of China's hardware business

    In recent years, domestic hardware market is the development of several major industry market which the best market. Now the largest pieces of hardware industry, mainly concentrated in the home market, hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, hardware and other chunks.

    A few years ago, China's hardware industry as a whole grade is not too high, more small and medium enterprises, start low, mostly small workshops; quite big changes in recent years, first, to improve the quality of personnel, such as the current Beijing will be built in the country's largest hardware market "Chinese Hardware City" in charge, are Ph.D, postdoctoral person; Second, technology and management level, such as the Great Wall Seiko factory in technology, management already has a very high level.

    Uneven level of domestic production technology, many large foreign companies to China as their processing bases, there are many international companies have entered the mainland market in the past. For example, Taiwan and Hong Kong where there are many businesses, it investors are not at the local, but some European, American investors. At first made in Taiwan, through Taiwan, the power is gradually transferred to the mainland. So, now is the upgrading of China's stage of hardware products, from low end to high-end products over time. This is the development of China's hardware industry is very beneficial in the production of foreign products to the domestic transfer of the process, is bound to include the raw materials abroad, including some of the advanced production technology and management together with come.

    From the traditional hardware point of view, one tool for this piece, like hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools, faster development. Second, home hardware, decoration hardware, the replacement rate is faster.

    Hardware components in demand. Hebei Handan, a small processing plant, production technology is backward, it's sales force throughout the country to 10 million. In the past these products are not sold separately, but in the form of production for own use Now this form is gradually changing, the market increasingly fine division of labor, it has emerged as a separate product in the market. non-standard parts, standard parts, fasteners, transmission parts of these products, so to speak, it The market demand is greatest within the hardware industry, businesses need it, but because of its relatively low technological requirements, magnitude of #118alue is not high, the profit is relatively small compared to other products.

    China's hardware industry after ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, is now the largest country in the world output, exports are growing steadily. Of which the largest amount of exports is a tool products, reached $ 5,340,000,000; followed by construction hardware, 43.4 billion. faucet export 2.23 billion, exports of $ 680,000,000 locks. exports than any other country is the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea. China's hardware industry is the annual export growth rate of 8%. Last year, exports of metal products exceeded 50 billion dollars, in the light industry ranks third in the export rankings. Since raising the level of hardware manufacturers in China and capacity expansion, expected next 5 years, China's hardware products will remain steady annual growth of more than 10%. the first 10 months of hardware mechanical and electrical products import and export over 500 billion U.S. dollars. surpluses to further expand, totaled 7.06 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 64% over the same period the country's trade surplus.

    Changes in the international metal market, metal exports to China provide a good opportunity. Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong's production of metal products in the world, second only to developed countries. As the rapid development of production technology and high cost of labor, developed countries have low-grade products to accelerate the transfer to the third world, they only produce high #118alue-added products. India, Korea, Vietnam and other countries in the hardware production the past few years have developed fast, but compared with them, China itself greater market potential, more conducive to the hardware industry as large. Chinese hardware companies to develop the international market, accounting for the challenges and opportunities absolute advantage in the hardware business how to deal with.


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