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New strategy: Hardware industry's international trade route

   With China's accession to WTO, the domestic hardware companies began to gradually shift the domestic trade in foreign trade or even give specialize in international market, international market development is imminent. Hardware companies how to adapt to international trade cooperation, especially small and medium enterprises how to deal with complex international in the form of international market development is particularly important to obvious.

    (A) First, the business personal ideology has also been an unprecedented challenge:

    1, and constantly adapt to market changes. Regardless of the bumps in the initial period of business, or business development in the booming period, or after the acceptance in the highly competitive e-business transformation period, at any time to maintain optimism and the ability to accept new things.

    2, the cost-conscious. Alibaba integrity generalist 2300, earned hundreds of thousands of months, not only has earned a lot of cost recovery. And as the market competition becomes more intense, the use of e-commerce to reduce costs, many businesses can take to victory means.

    3, from failure. Everyone into the field of electronic commerce, more or less through a detour. Raise awareness of fraud prevention, more safe doing business online is a very important part.

    4, open the door to foreign trade. E-commerce is characterized by the greatest fairness. No matter large or small business, as long as the product quality meets the requirements of good faith pass the test, you can participate in market competition. People will not distance, the size of the rejection specification thousands of miles away. As globalization deepens, even the Chinese can become an international language. enterprises to continuously strengthen the expertise of foreign workers, including language knowledge and trade to continue to expand your knowledge and competitiveness.

    5, personal development and the development of the company closely. Corporate officers of personal development, improving the quality of the development with the company is closely linked.

    (B) e-commerce in enterprises in international trade

    2005, e-commerce companies how to use the network to do international trade, the inevitable trend of the times: first, through various channels to foreign customers know you; Second, is to allow foreign customers to trust you. This takes time, but need to regulate the quality management, in need of international market experience and talent.

    1, e-commerce company's participation. As a broker as part of the enterprise in international trade to help them solve various difficulties in communication with the buyer, direct extraction make business commission, then this e-commerce and enterprise itself is a leap forward. in Meishang Wang Alibaba China and before the advent of international trade in the world do not do e-commerce site. do portal can copy yahoo! But do international trade between the developed and developing countries specializing in B2B international trade, and this model as Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, the U.S. trade partner countries can be used. BB to do with the import and export in China, the biggest advantage is the expansion of business opportunities, associated cost savings. the original U.S. companies brokers need to buy Chinese products, it can query through the Internet to the relevant Chinese enterprises, and are likely to find new demand; Chinese companies as the seller can also be directly through the Internet to find new buyers, expand business opportunities, international trade the amount of substantial growth. to the reality of China, the majority of SMEs are used to middlemen in the trade, transport, foreign exchange regulation and other intermediaries and familiar. if the foreign buyer is a small business, then you will need to to aid in doing this part of the intermediate business. Some companies do not understand English, they are helping need to bargain, do all sorts of import and export procedures. these companies if they reported to the customs, find transportation companies, insurance companies, it is difficult.

    2, the government support. To further expand the company's vision to broaden the hardware products market in the international market and strengthen the functions of government services, providing a good "soft" environmental services at the same time, and organize enterprises to "go", participants at home and abroad product marketing activities for enterprises through the exhibition to understand the domestic and international market conditions, to capture market dynamics, to actively market opportunities and export products in the enterprise has gone further down smoothly.


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